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1. Quotation

Once a quotation has been received, the Client must provide confirmation, either by email or in writing, that such a quote is acceptable. The quotation will thus form the basis of the contract between Quillant Systems and the Client. A deposit of 25% of the design cost may be requested in advance of any design work starting.

Any estimate given by Quillant Systems is given in good faith, but may be subject to change should Third Party suppliers vary their costs. Quillant Systems will give the Client as much notice as is practicable upon becoming aware that the cost of any estimate is likely to change.

Any further modifications once the web design has been released will be chargeable under separate terms, unless such changes form part of a prior written agreement.

2. Payment Terms

All invoices raised are payable within 14 days of receipt. A reminder will be sent if invoices remain outstanding at the end of this period stating that if payment is not received within a further 7 days, any work done by Quillant Systems will be removed.

If the work done is for a new website, that website will be removed from the public domain. Interest will be charged on the balance of any invoices outstanding after 21 days at 10% above base rate.

3. Third Party Software

Some designs may require the use of Third Party software or programming. Save for supply of such, Quillant Systems shall have no liability in respect thereof. Restrictions as to use etc, shall be as laid out in the Third Party License and Copyright agreements.

4. Website Hosting

Should a problem arise with the server hosting the client's website, Quillant Systems will not be liable for any consequent losses e.g. loss of profits.

Quillant Systems may hold domain names and/or hosting services temporarily on the Client's behalf using Third Parties. Quillant Systems cannot be held liable for any failure in any services provided by a Third Party to Quillant Systems on behalf of the Client.

5. Content

The client must own the copyright or have reproduction rights of all content supplied to Quillant Systems for inclusion in the web design. The Client shall indemnify Quillant Systems for any and all costs whatsoever in connection with ownership of the copyright or reproduction rights.

All text and images should be supplied to us in a suitable electronic format (e.g. text as Word files and images as jpegs or gifs) and suitable size.

Quillant Systems reserves the right to refuse publication on the Internet of any content it sees as being pornographic or offensive towards others.

Quillant Systems cannot be held liable for any information contained within the Client's Website. The content of the web site remains the copyright property of the client. The client is liable for any reasonable costs incurred by Quillant Systems caused by the content of the Client's site, and agrees to indemnify Quillant Systems for any awards made by a court of law.

6. Intellectual Copyright

Site design, Javascripts, and all programming remain the copyright of Quillant Systems (or the original Third Party copyright holders where appropriate) unless otherwise agreed. Site design, Javascripts, and all programming shall not be modified without the express permission of Quillant Systems (or the original Third Party copyright holders where appropriate).

7. Search Engine ranking

Quillant Systems cannot guarantee Search Engine acceptance and/or ranking, as these are under the direct control of various Third Parties.

8. Browser Compatibility

We are unable to guarantee 100% compatibility with every browser type and version due to the large number of these variants available. We buid our designs to work with the latest versions of current browsers wherever possible e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox. Minor variations will exist when comparing web pages rendered in one browser or another. This can also vary between platforms e.g. pages rendered with the Google Chrome browser on Android can often look different compared to Chrome on a PC. No browser meets all the internationally agreed web page standards, they all support different variations of the standards. Even when allegedly compatible page rendering can often vary.

9. Other

Quillant Systems reserves the right to change in any way the availability of any of its services at its sole discretion, including these terms and conditions.



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